1. White Walls
    17 Oct, 2016
    White Walls
    facebook.com/FirebyTrade   facebook.com/ElkhartBrass  Recently we had the opportunity to share GPM vs BTU "2.5 Handline" at the annual South Metro Learning Symposium, we changed our training set up a bit and wanted to pass it along. The class went really well thanks to the help of peer instructors Tyler Capron, and Leo Meli of Boulder Fire Rescue, and Anthony Brewington of RFPD. Also appreciated is the support and guidance from Brian Brush of Fire by Trade, Elkhart Brass, and Shur Sales, And to
    01 Jan, 2016
    Don't let your training expire Friday, January 1, 2016 DON'T LET YOUR TRAINING EXPIRE Experience is not everything, learn one thing every day that applies to the job and you’ll be alright.  If you spend any amount of time reading fire service blogs or forums you will often find this very subject being discussed, and in the discussions experience is often the end all be all. While I do believe experience is important, I do not think it is the only thing that matters. Experience is one of
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  2. Managing Director
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  4. Managing Director
    Storage of package-one (6 Adjustable/12 non-adjustable)
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
    The adjustable bracket allows for inside and outside corners
  7. Managing Director
    Inside corner
  8. Managing Director
    Firefighter leaning against outside wall using barrels, pallets, bollards or other anchor point.